Data Center Management

Remote MonitoringData Center Management

A leading global technology company needed a way to remotely monitor and manage network equipment installed at their Asian data center. The customer required a secure IT infrastructure management solution that would enable them to monitor the data center 24/7, even in the event that servers or networks were down. In addition, the customer wanted a solution that could easily be integrated without significant capital expenditure costs.

Monitoring is very critical in data centers and reputed data centers monitor every detail diligently. Data center administrators or managers face a tough task in monitoring the massive center, as it involves right from installation and implementation of the management system. Increase in business also means a revisit of capacity planning — it may require upgrade and expansion of infrastructure and equipment. More equipment and infrastructure means more management responsibilities.

Human involvement leads to human errors and this actually causes more risk to the equipment and data — hence, lesser human intervention is desired. Any effect to the data and equipment will lead to system downtime which is not preferred in the IT industry. This leads to loss of service and availability and based on the terms of the service level agreement the data center may be legally sued.