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Soft Tech Sol offers a progressive start to finish solutions, with the help of our developers who have been in the industry for so many years improving their craft and sharing their knowledge to the rest of the world. Our profound knowledge of the latest needs and trends with high quality results will surely deliver what you needed the most. We are a team of technologists who share love and passion for innovation.

Marketing - New Ideas, creating campaigns with your team and have them input their motivating idea on the go. Ideas are limited to a conference room or brain storming.

Support - Customer service is one our major key role and as a customer service oriented company we know how this can be suitable for your products. Assign cases to your team and watch worry free how support unfolds.

Attendance - Track attendance of your employees, students or groups. Soft Tech Sol CRM is easy to view who checked in and who checked out. (Best practices in schools or small business).

Sales - Keeping record of each sale made over the phone or in the field. Have all available on the go in your phone or tablet. With easy access you can add new account (s)/ update contact information.