Amazon Web Services

Soft Tech Sol Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Soft Tech Sol managed services ensures high performance, security, availability and reliability for your AWS deployments. Our Managed Services provides ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure so you can focus on your applications.

Soft Tech Sol Cloud Monitoring service offers deep-dive monitoring of AWS Infrastructure together with Cloud investigative capabilities, which allow organizations to examine proactively the fitness and performance of their vital Cloud infrastructure. With the help of broad performance metrics, you can ensure that your business-critical applications hosted on the Amazon Cloud are working at optimal intensities. You will also get an all-inclusive picture of your Cloud.

  • Management Service - Cloudwatch, Autoscaling, Cloudformation, Cloudtrail, SNS service, IAM User Access etc.

  • Migration Service - Storage Gateway, Snowball Edge, Direct Connect, Snowball Edge etc.

  • Compute Service - EC2.Elastic Container, Lambda, AWS Batch, Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Lightsail, Vmware Cloud on AWS, Serverless Application Repository etc.

  • Development and Deployment Service - Puppet, Docker, Jenkins,Bamboo ,S3 Bucket, Route 53.

  • Storage Service - Amazon S3,Amazon EBS,Elastic File System,Glacier.